March 29, 2011

The day after

Yesterday's Gemzar chemo resulted in some serious fatigue today and a couple of mouth sores. Luckily the pain in my mouth is kept at bay by vicodin and gargling with salt water helps the sores heal. The fatigue is harder to deal with.

I went back to the Swedish Cancer Institute for a shot of Neulasta today to bring up my white blood cell count. Then I had a meeting at the synagogue. By the time I got home around 2 PM I was hungry and pooped. After a quick bowl of soup, I headed straight to the couch and crashed hard.

I've taken to bringing my cell phone, the home phone, a book and a cup of water with me to the sofa before I crash. This time the book slid off my lap almost before I drew the quilt over my legs. I slept hard for almost three hours. I did wake up a couple of times as I bit down on my tongue and hit a sore spot, but went right back to snoozing.

What this seems to mean is that I have about two - three good hours every day in which to see doctors, attend meetings, deal with email etc. and run whatever household errands need to be done. That's limiting, but I will find a way to make it work.

Now it's back to the sofa....


  1. Jill,

    It was nice seeing you last week. I got a chance to catch all the way up in your blog, it's great! I just finished a round myself late last week, so I'm trying to kick the tiredness too! Talk to you soon-

    Andrew Moritz

  2. i think you are coping up great with the illness and that is what is required to fight cancer.Keep at it as the medical treatment would and you will see better and healthy days ahead.Keeping busy is an ideal situation.