March 08, 2011

Gemzar dose 2

I did indeed have the second dose of Gemzar yesterday as planned. I've been anemic for at least three weeks and my red blood cell counts were low enough that there was some concern I might need a blood transfusion. Bu Dr G decided I should have treatment anyway.

After the Gemzar finished, the nurse took another blood sample to type and cross in case I need a transfusion today. She left my portacath accessed for the same reason.

I am supposed to go back later this afternoon to get a shot of Neulasta to build more white blood cells. At that point they can all decide if I need the transfusion, and if not, can de-access my port.

I took a nap yesterday afternoon and we went out for a quick dinner. By 9 PM I was in my jammies and starting to feel a slight fever. It continued until about 2 AM but never got above 99.5 degrees F. Of course, I remembered I wasn't supposed to take anything to reduce the fever, to see if it would spike higher, so I couldn't fall asleep. Around 1:45 AM I felt the fever break, but still couldn't sleep. I guess I dozed off around 5 AM and slept off and on until 10 AM, when I finally got up, took a shower, had breakfast and walked the dog.

I'm waiting for a call back from Nurse Jacque so I can report all these symptoms and find out what Dr G wants to do. Meanwhile I will make some chopped liver (gotta get some extra iron!) and maybe take a nap.

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