March 28, 2011

Gemzar dose 4

I had a busy medical day. First a blood draw; then a visit with my oncologist; last my fourth dose of Gemzar. 

My red blood cell counts were good after the transfusion a few weeks ago, so no need for another at this time. I will get Neulasta tomorrow to bring up my white counts. 

Dr G is cautiously optimistic: "There are at least some peripheral signs that the gemcitabine and Xgeva are working." That is, the pain in my right knee appears to have gone bye-bye, and the largest of three scalp mets is no longer rounded but flat. I will get my CA 27.29 results tomorrow and if the tumor marker has decreased, that will tell us if the Gemzar is indeed working.

I think I should expect a couple of mouth sores this week, based on my experience with dose two, but hope they will be manageable.

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