February 02, 2011

Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy

It's a beautiful sunny day in Seattle (which also means it's cold out, but hey, sun is worth colder temperatures). I ran around a lot yesterday and really crashed for a two hour nap in the afternoon, then of course found it hard to get to sleep at night. Today I am planning to take it easier, only one appointment and rehearsal tonight.

I felt strong enough to take Bobka the dogka on the long walk, which is about two miles and includes a couple of hills. He really enjoyed himself. I listened to the new Dunava music I'm supposed to be learning, sang along unless I became short of breath, and went slowly. I was able to do the whole thing, but maybe pushed myself too hard on the last block. I am trying to stay in shape during the Navelbine, and this daily, longer walk is the best exercise I get. On a sunny day I don't mind trying harder.

This afternoon I will see the naturopath and find out what he recommends to keep me strong.

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