February 28, 2011

Please read this article

Anna Rachnel, a woman who is also living with metastatic breast cancer, wrote this brilliant blog post and analysis of Nancy Brinker (sister of Susan Komen) and Komen's commitment to funding research dollars. Please read the whole thing and share it with others any way you can, on Twitter, Facebook or in other ways. This is too important a story not to be told and re-told.

After listening to an televised interview with Nancy Brinker, Anna begins with:
"Unfortunately, this is what I heard. That the public can't handle the unattractive truth about breast cancer. That the only way to raise money for the cause is through feel-good experiences and products. That people shouldn't think about dying from this disease. That 5-year survival rates for early breast cancer are the only statistics that matter. That metastatic breast cancer is still unmentionable and a lost cause financially. That more of Komen's money is going to research than is actually the case."

 And she ends with:
"I've said this before and I'll say it again; screening, treatment and education will never result in a cure for my cancer, or any other late stage cancer. Game-changing research, the kind that is generally done in a laboratory, is the only hope that I have that my cancer will be cured. "

Amen to you, mets-sister!


  1. Thanks for the repost Jill. I'm very interested to hear what people think about this. Please leave me a comment if you have time whether you agree or disagree. Thanks!

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    Thanks for linking to that post, Jill. It gave me so much insight into a debate I had known very little about.

    Missed you in Dunava this week -- hope to see you next!