February 07, 2011

Navelbine #4

I had my fourth dose of Navelbine today (the second dose in the second round). My friend R visited the whole time and because things took a bit longer, we had a lovely catch-up with each other.

I felt fine enough afterwards to go to the grocery store, come home and start a pot of lentil soup before I crashed and took a nap.

Dr G wants me to get Neulasta tomorrow since my white blood cell counts and hematocit were a bit down. That will mean four trips to Capitol Hill this week, three of them for cancer-related reasons. Thankfully this chemo has so far been remarkably tolerable, with minimal side effects, and allows me to drive and generally live a normal life. The jury is out on how effective it will be but I am still hopeful that it will kick some serious cancer butt. I get my next tumor marker drawn next week.


  1. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Hi Jill!

    I recently discovered your blog & found it to be really inspiring. I work at Eyegate Media (http://eyegatemedia.com) & have partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (http://nbcf.org) & we are very, very interested in getting your story on video for NBCF's new campaign, "Beyond the Shock".

    Please send me an email (saphrinc@eyegatemedia.com) if you are at all interested in being a part!

    Saphrin Chapman

  2. HI Jill!
    I just found your blog today. I just started Navelbine this week. I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer at the age of 39, in 2003; it went to stage IV with bone mets in 2007. I did chemo and radiation in 2003 and 2003, and radiation 3 more times between 2007-2010.

    I've been on chemo again since April; started with CMF, then did Velban from September through the end of last month, and now the Navelbine.

    I am glad to hear that so far the Navelbine has been tolerable.