February 25, 2011

Gemzar in my future

I saw Dr G yesterday and got the results of my recent CT scan. This (perhaps lazy? or just busy) radiologist wrote that I have "close to ten low attenuation lesions consistent with metastases in the right and left lobes" of my liver. (The previous radiologist counted seven lesions in my liver, so from this radiologist's report we don't really know if there are actually more now.) The liver lesions appear to have been stable since the last scan in 2010. The potential lung metastasis, originally found in 2002,  has decreased in size since 2008, and the bone mets appear "grossly stable." By physical exam, the mass in my right breast is now measured at 7.5 mm, a clear improvement. The largest scalp met, which to me seems to have grown, gave me a little pain earlier this week, and Dr G said that might be a good sign; i.e. it's responding to the chemo.

However, one of my blood markers for the liver is just a scootch above normal, so Dr G does indeed want me to start Gemzar, another chemotherapy, probably on Monday. We also recalled that he discontinued Fareston (toremifine) after only a couple of months because I developed uterine bleeding while taking it. Now that I've had a hysterectomy, he may choose to put me back on this estrogen-blocking drug, since I had a long run of two years on its cousin tamoxifen.

I am okay with more chemo, but I sure wish that it would really kick some cancer butt. Stable is good, but I'd like to see these liver lesions shrink to nothing.


  1. I hear you Jill! Really kicking some some cancer butt would be nice....best to you

  2. Anonymous2:57 PM

    I read your blog as the best breast cancer guide book. Wish you all the best. You are inspirational!