February 28, 2011

First Gemzar today

My first treatment with Gemzar today went smoothly. Not knowing if I needed to have blood drawn for labs, we arrived early to find that was indeed the case. A friend came to hang out with Rik and I while we waited for the nurse to call me.

After waiting almost an hour for the pharmacy to prepare the drug, the actual infusion only lasted about 45 minutes. Of course, by 1:15 we were both pretty hungry, so Rik bought some piroshki (mine spinach and mushroom; his potato and mushroom). We noshed those right up, and after the treatment was over, went to Molly Moon's for ice cream. (I had chili chocolate, which was DELICIOUS!).

I crashed at home for my usual post-chemo nap, made dinner (broiled salmon, kale "chips" and corn), and am already in  my pajamas by 8 PM. I plan to take it easy tonight, maybe read a bit and watch the fashion coverage from the Oscars.

Here's hoping for Gemzar to be highly effective, well-tolerated and minimal side effects.

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