July 05, 2010

Taking it easy

I got through the first week on Doxil pretty well. I've had more energy in the mornings, been tired in the afternoons and needed a nap, and generally been taking it easy. I believe I will continue this pattern for the next few days, so don't be surprised if I don't post -- nothing to say.

This "hunkering down" is just so I don't overwhelm myself with too much to do. Summer should be relaxed and easy going, and if I have to spend mine on chemo, I plan to try to enjoy the warm weather we're (finally!) expecting.

Rik picked another pint of strawberries today, I think the last of the season. Plus he picked about a quart of raspberries. If we continue to pick them, we may have fruit all summer long. Although this does seem early for raspberries..... The chesterberry vines are HUGE, sprawling 15 feet into the air. I can't imagine how we will reach that fruit. Maybe with a ladder, although I don't want Rik climbing ladders anymore after last summer's fall from the height of the plum tree.

Our young friend H did about ten hours of work in the garden, weeding everything in sight and mulching over where she had to remove too many weed-choked plants. So things look generally spruced up.

We're finally expecting summer in the Puget Sound this week. I can hardly wait for warm temperatures! But I promise to be careful in the sun (a Doxil issue).

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  1. Enjoy the warm. You could always buy a big umbrella so you can spend some time outdoors without burning. My favorite thing to do in the summer is sit outside and read. I hope you can figure out a way to make that happen!

    -Lauren (www.breastcancerregistry.org)