July 26, 2010

Hand-foot syndrome

The hand-foot syndrome seems to have stopped with stingy pain on the tips of the thumb and first two fingers of my left (dominant) hand, which is also the lymphedema hand. Vicodin is taking care of the pain and reducing it to manageable levels, but it still feels weird and tingly. I notice it when trying to open a jar, tear a piece of masking tape, or use other small motor skills.

The soles of my feet feel less red and painful. I actually walked the dog and stood for an hour yesterday at the Gilda's Club Dog Walk in Magnuson Park. There were many booths from vets, groomers, and other dog-oriented businesses, as well as an agility demonstration area and 1K and 3K walks. (We just wandered around the tent area.) N came with their dog and the five of us had a jolly time meeting other dogs and their people. Bobber was not particularly enthusiastic about other dogs but extremely well behaved at the $5 dog nail trim tent. He jumped straight into the arms of the groomer and made friends.

I am hoping that the B6 complex and glutamine powder are working to reduce or at least halt the hand-foot side effects. Last night I bandaged my hand for the first time in a week and it was not especially red in the morning despite the tight wrappings. I will go for more tonight and hope in this way to manage my lymphedema despite the hand-foot syndrome.

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  1. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Hi Jill,
    Leaving for H Friday ( for a LONG awaited family reunion), where I will meet C, who of course sends lots of love and hugs, fresh from N. ( I hope I have enough letters to complete this travelog). Anyway, stay well, hope the hand-foot stuff improves...I can only imagine what a pain it is...and see you when we all get back.