July 18, 2010

What's new

I thought we were having a mostly quiet weekend but things ended up busier than I expected. It's wonderful to be able to enjoy life again.

Shabbat dinner on Friday night ended up being quite lively, with two dogs and multiple, energetic conversations in the living room and at the table. The mocha affogato (chocolate-coffee sauce) over ice cream was a particular hit.

The prescription lozenges for the thrush infection appear to be helping. My throat and tongue feel less sore. I will keep sucking on these puppies five times a day until they're gone!

I went to synagogue on Saturday morning and enjoyed seeing and hearing our former rabbi speak. Not to mention how gracious our current rabbi is in sharing her pulpit!

On Saturday night we went for Chinese food with friends who then came back here for chocolate cake and an attempt to find some ripe raspberries in our garden. A good time was had by all, even though the raspberries appear to be at a standstill.

I switched back to Ambien a couple of nights ago and had weird, disturbing dreams. So decided I should come off of all sleep aid meds and try to get some natural sleep, even though I am still bandaging for the lymphedema at night. The price of doing this is always a few nights of insomnia. I got about four hours' sleep Saturday night but did take a nice nap this afternoon.

Today I ran errands and Rik just hung out. We are having dinner with friends. Tomorrow I report to the cancer institute for the second round of Doxil. Assuming my blood counts are high enough...


  1. Anonymous8:44 PM

    C, currently in N, has "instructed" me ( :-) to send best wishes and hugs for tomorrow! M.

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