July 24, 2010

Much better

After a night and a day, the nausea has calmed down quite a bit. Although I spent most of Friday lying on the couch, I feel much better today. The anti-nausea meds made me very sleepy, so one three hour nap turned into a second one after I took a break to eat lunch.

We had been invited to have Shabbat dinner with friends and I felt well enough to go. It was a large crowd of about 12 people, with much laughter and telling of jokes and stories. Not to mention plenty of delicious food, including home-made vanilla ice cream. It was good for my soul to be with people only a few days after chemo.

The hand/foot syndrome is bugging me now. The sole of my right foot and the thumb of my left hand are tingly and just at the edge of painful. At the naturopath's and oncologist's suggestion, I started taking vitamin B6 supplements and have increased the amount of glutamine powder. (I was measuring inaccurately. One of my teaspoons holds two actual teaspoons.) I hope this is as bad as it gets, because I really need to address the lymphedema issue again. After almost a week of doing nothing, my left hand and arm are okay but would benefit from bandaging at night.

Today is supposed to be warm and sunny and I look forward to catching up on a good book and taking it easy!

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