May 14, 2014

Xeloda round 16

I had more methotrexate on Sunday and started Xeloda round 16 the same day. So far I want to touch my finger tips all the time, my feet are still sore from neuropathy and hand-foot syndrome, but fatigue hasn't hit too hard yet. I've been running errands, getting together with friends, etc. Today I have my Avastin infusion and then will treat my self to an ice cream cone on this gloriously hot and sunny day. Then rehearsal tonight. Eventually I will do the piles of ironing, but I think I'll wait for a cooler, wetter day to do so.

Forgot to say that the other day I saw my incredibly handsome and friendly dermatologist for the first time a couple of years. He (as always) found a spot he wanted to biopsy. We're both sure it's nothing but you never know. The biopsy site is so high up on my back that I can't reach it myself, so I am showering at night instead of in the morning in order for Rik to change the bandage daily. Or I could wake up at 6 AM to shower before Rik leaves for school, then go back to bed. What a topsy-turvy world!

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