May 11, 2014

Healthline’s Best Breast Cancer Blogs of 2014

I received an email today announcing that my blog had been chosen as one of Healthline’s list of the Best Breast Cancer Blogs of 2014. I believe this is the third time in as many years that Healthline has chosen my blog as one of the best on the web. 

It's such an honor to me to receive this recognition. I started writing this blog as a way to keep family and friends updated on my dance with metastatic breast cancer. Over the years it's progressed from a somewhat private forum into a more public space for me to vent and to inform others about daily life with advanced cancer.

Given the multiple thousands if not millions of online cancer sites out there in the blogosphere, sometimes I have trouble believing that so many people follow my blog. I'm glad to write if reading what I have to say can help a woman newly diagnosed with metastatic disease or her caregivers and supporters.

So thank you, Healthline, for recognizing my work and for putting me in such good company.


  1. congrats and well deserved!

  2. Hi Jill. I am also a stage 4 patient. I appreciate finding your blog.