May 23, 2014

Xeloda kicking my butt

I haven't  posted recently because this second week of Xeloda has been very tough. My feet are red and painful, my hands cracking, even my tongue has Hand-Foot Syndrome. I'm also really fatigued and no matter how much time I spend asleep, I never seem to be awake enough.

However, I'm really looking forward to Folklife this weekend! Even if I can only attend on Sunday to perform and maybe dance a bit, it's my official kickoff to summer. And thanks to Dr G, I should have enough energy to handle it.


Hear me sing with my choir Dunava at the NW Folklife Festival on Sunday May 25 at 4:20 PM at the Cornish Playhouse (formerly Intiman Theatre)

We're part of the Slavic Voices music performance, which begins at 3 pm. Arrive early to get a seat!

From Folklife: "Even better, Folklife is committed to making sure everyone can enjoy the Festival. If you can afford the $10 suggested donation great, if not, even a $2 donation helps keep Folklife free."

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