January 07, 2013

Up and down

I spent the weekend feeling either too exhausted to move (and so napping a lot) or feeling terrific and totally normal.

Friday was tough. After being told my red cell counts were too low to receive treatment, we went to the funeral of our friend's mother and then to their house for the meal of consolation. It was almost 6 PM by the time we came home and I was very tired. I hopped into my pajamas and just nodded against Rik for a couple of hours.

On Saturday I was so fatigued I couldn't get out of bed. Eventually I did, and spent the day sitting on the sofa, sometimes lying on the sofa, either reading or sleeping. But around 4:00 I felt energized and went to the shiva minyan for N's mother.

Afterwards several of us decided to get some dinner and we spent an hour or so reviewing last year's and writing this year's annual new year's predictions.

I had even more trouble getting out of bed on Sunday. It was almost 11 AM by the time I got up, and again I spent much of the day on the sofa or in bed. This anemia thing is very annoying. I did however get up to watch "Downton Abbey."

Today I am meeting a friend for lunch and then getting my blood typed and crossed to prepare for tomorrow's transfusion. I have to be at the Swedish Cancer Institute tomorrow at 9 AM, which is very early for me, and I don't really know how long the transfusion will take. I guess I'll be there at least five hours, maybe longer. I think hauling myself out of the house by 8:30 AM is going to be a significant challenge....


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