January 14, 2013

Just a few days of steroids...

I had a great weekend. Despite the increased eribulin form the baby dose to the mama dose, the 4 mg of steroids gave me enough energy to get through the weekend.

On Friday I ran some errands and cooked a lovely vegetarian Shabbat dinner (challah filled with pear and cardamom; potage parmentier, stuffed mushrooms and apple tart a la Julia Child. H contributed a delicious kale salad). Then I crashed.

On Saturday we ushered at "The Book of Mormon." It was a full house, but Rik and I found a good place to lean on a wall during the first half and then he found two unused seats near an aisle, so we could watch the rest of the show in comfort. It was quite irreverent but funny, with lots of singing and dancing. I was surprised that the creators of "South Park" were such songsmiths!

Rik spent Sunday morning watching the big Seahawks football game with G and D. Then we went to Beth Shalom for our every-few-years congregation photo shoot, which creates a photo directory for our community. We brought Bobka and ended up with one picture where everyone looks good. After that Dunava had a three hour rehearsal in preparation for next week's recording session. We joined G and W for a yummy Chinese dinner and again I crashed. Now you know why I didn't join Rik at brunch. There was too much else to do and I have to harbor my energy.

I slept well on Ambien every night, but now will taper off that and use lorazepam as needed. My feet seem more tingly and numb on this higher dose but the neuropathy appears to be in the same areas, at least not growing. I still have hair. We will see if I am strong enough to get another dose at this same level on Thursday.

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