January 28, 2013

Dental ouch plus

I went to choir rehearsal last week with severe but intermittent pain in my mouth at the ONJ site. It took a double dose of Vicodin to curb the pain. I got in to see the dentist on Friday and she's not sure if it's more BRONJ pain or something else (cue ominous music). She took a panoramic x-ray and requested an older x-ray from my oral surgeon for comparison, and then would talk with Dr G. She said she would call me with the results of her comparison.

Dr Amy Hamilton is my new dentist, and she ranks right up there with Dr G, Dr Judy, Dr Klein, and the other amazing care providers on my team.

It's possible that I have active brain mets again, or even bone mets in my jaw. Evidently this is quite common in breast cancer mets patients, Who knew? Dr G will likely check in with me when I have chemo this week, and I will report what I told Dr Winston: numb spot on my chin, pain at the BRONJ site, and lately even an inability to find the right word in conversation.

That last scares me, but Dr G and I have already spoken about what might be the next chemo. I don't know if he will recommend another gamma knife treatment if there are more active brain mets. The first step is to confirm what, if anything, is happening.

It's been ten years, and I am still learning how to live balanced on this particular teeter-totter of metastatic breast cancer.


  1. I wish you peace as you wait for news. Know that your blog has helped many other women living with mets. I'm seeing an orthopedist this week about my tumour-weakened femur. Your post about your recovery (though it was long) was somehow comforting. Best wishes. ~Kate

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your suspicions and symptoms - that's just total garbage to deal with. I hope they determine the trouble soon, and you can move forward with Dr G. Wishing you big cups of tea/coffee, or however you take your comfort. ~Catherine

  3. If it's at all comforting, I don't have mets, but since chemo, completed 2 years ago, I get intermittent pain and pressure in my jaw. It comes, and then disappears until whenever. No one finds anything wrong and I hope the same for you. Your upbeat spirit comes through each post despite the reality of cancer.

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