January 04, 2013

Low red count, no chemo today

My red count was too low today to have chemo. Dr G remarked last week that he thought my red count was low, but decided that my white count and platelets were okay. Today he decided that I needed a blood transfusion. That explains why I've felt so fatigued lately, plus short of breath.

On Monday I will go back to Swedish cancer Institute for a "type and cross." I had a blood transfusion once before, a few years ago. Evidently the blood typing needs to be done each time, for a specific match. The transfusion will take 4-5 hours, and then I will get Avastin (my regular dose).

I have one friend already scheduled to come visit, but I don't expect anyone to stay for 4+ hours. I'll being a good book, my iPod and maybe the crossword puzzle so I can keep myself entertained. And I will use my Starbucks card to get a HUGE mocha on my way in. I have to be there at 9 AM!


  1. Oy best of luck. Get your posts emailed and enjoyed reading them throughout my holiday in Lesotho recently. Happy new year and all the best.

  2. May it all go smoothly. I had a blood transfusion once as well . . . I found hanging a towel over that bag of blood was very helpful psychologically. I hope this helps your fatigue.