January 09, 2013

Marathon transfusion day

Yesterday I spent over eight hours at Swedish Cancer Institute getting a transfusion of red blood cells and Avastin.

Why did it take eight hours?

  • Although the blood had already arrived at 8 AM, and I arrived at 9 AM, my port wasn't accessed and ready to go until 90 minutes later.
  • Each bag may contain slightly more than 500 ml of blood, so may take more or less than two hours to drip.
  • I was asked to give a urine sample for the Avastin after I had received both units of blood. I could have done this at any time earlier that day. I waited an hour for the lab to check the sample and approve me for treatment. Avastin takes only 30 minutes or so to drip.

Thankfully I had lovely visits with two friends. J drove me plus we drank yummy Starbucks mochas. A visited and picked up delicious Thai food for lunch. Rik came to get me at 4:00 but I wasn't finished with everything until after 5 PM.

We went home, fed the dog (who had waited patiently all day), and I fell asleep. Rik ordered pizza for dinner and when I awoke at 8 PM I noshed on pizza and then some Graeter's ice cream while we watched NCIS.

I was back in bed at 10 PM and slept all night. I feel more energetic today, so the transfusion must be doing its job. I'm still waiting to hear from Dr G if I will get eribulin tomorrow as previously scheduled.

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  1. I'm glad to hear you got your Starbucks Mocha! Also, (perhaps more importantly) that's great news about your energy improving.