March 09, 2012

What its really all about

Life with metastatic cancer. I live it, and yet sometimes another perspective can bring me to my knees.

I watched this video: Rachel Cheetham Moro. If you watch it, think about what it means to live with advanced cancer. Then please do something to bring about the systemic change needed. The world can't afford to lose another Rachel, Stephanie, or Josh.

Rachel Cheetham Moro died on 6 February 2012 from metastatic breast cancer. She was 41.
She will be greatly missed by her beloved husband Anthony, her family, her friends, her dog and the thousands of people who read her sharp, angry and witty words on her blog where she challenged mainstream breast cancer
Rachel's family have asked for you to support the two memorial funds set up in her name.
METAvivor Research and Support, Inc - who called Rachel 'the most influential blogger in the metastatic breast cancer community'
Breast Cancer Action - who say, 'we will continue to carry Rachel’s torch in moving beyond the “pink razzmatazz” to systemic change that will end this terrible epidemic'


  1. Jill,
    Beautiful. You "live it" and yet you were "brought to your knees" by another's perspective. That's very powerful and moving. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you, Jill, for remembering dear Rach. She opened up a lot of eyes and hearts to the reality of mets. Wishing you well in your own journey.

  3. Thank you from me too Jill. I completely agree with you about systemic change. We've had enough 'brave survivor' and 'shero' stories. And they all did nothing to stop Rachel and thousands of others from dying.

    I played a supporting role in the making of the film, and I know Sarah and Gayle talked long and hard about how to get as powerful a message as possible across, in as short a time as possible. There are and will be longer films from us about Rach - but this is the one we want out there being seen by as many people as we can reach. Thanks for passing it on.

  4. I miss you too Rach, the world was better knowing you were in it....