March 21, 2012

I just found this amazing website, is based on the principle that memories are less accurate than e-mails. And we strive for accuracy.

See, usually, it's the future that will reflect back on the present. We here at FutureMe think it's fun to flip that all around.

So send your future self some words of inspiration. Or maybe give 'em swift kick in the pants. Or just share some thoughts on where you'll or what you'll be up to in a year, three years...more? And then we'll do some time travel magic and deliver the letter to you. FutureYou, that is.
I wrote a private letter to myself. And then I searched for breast cancer and metastatic breast cancer, and found some public letters. I decided to write a public but anonymous letter about my dance with mets in the hope that it might help someone else with a similar diagnosis to cope. That one is set to deliver on my mets-iversary, August 20.

Who knows what I will think or where I will be when Future Me gets these letters?

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  1. Jill I love what you wrote on so inspiring! You are my idol for sure! You make me feel braver just knowing you.