March 21, 2012

Seattle's hidden treasure for cancer patients

Gilda's Club Seattle (GCS) recently celebrated its tenth anniversary. I've gone to yoga here almost every week during the past six years. I help out with fundraising and have tried to model in the annual fashion show several times (health issues always prevented me from walking down that runway).

Although GCS has 20,000 members, it's struggled during the economic downtown. Gilda's Club is one of Seattle best-kept secrets for cancer patients. Why don't more people know about it?

Check out this Seattle Times article to learn more:
Rachel Clark of Issaquah was 8 years old when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Less than nine months later, Rachel stood by a hospice bed, unable to find words as her mother drew her final labored breaths.
Cancer can be like that.
Jerry Liebermann of Seattle was 22 when a tooth extraction that wouldn't stop bleeding led to the diagnosis of his leukemia. Doctors gave him three years to live. But, while he's had remissions, relapses, rough days and painful moments, he's still around, 33 years later.
Cancer can be like that, too.
Although their experiences are markedly different, Clark and Liebermann both say cancer always will be part of their lives.
They share something else as well: Gilda's Club.

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