March 23, 2012

More on kidney stones

I had severe back pain again last night, the kind that wakes you up at 3 AM. It was accompanied by nausea, although I did not vomit. I got out of bed, took 1.5 hydrocodone tabs, and tried another Lomotil. The pain eventually went away but I didn't sleep too well.

I just did a little research on kidney stones and found the following articles:

PubMed Health on kidney stones

Medline Plus on self care

NIDDK's What I need to know about Kidney Stones

There are four kinds of kidney stones. Uric acid - what Dr G suspects - is one kind. Clearly we have to determine which kind I have.

I am trying to drink more water. Some sources say 6-8 glasses a day. One said 12! I have a call in to my primary care doc, in case she wants to order particular tests on Monday. I wish I'd thought of that yesterday -- she's not in on Fridays. Her nurse is supposed to call back.

Yet another thing to add to my dance with cancer...


  1. Sorry about the severe back pain. Kidney stones are no fun. Good luck figuring stuff out. I think I better start drinking more water. I have such trouble with that...

  2. Last year, I have experienced such pains as well. I have gallstones and I know and understand the pain that you have went through. It's killing me softly every time that the pain attacks. My doctor advised me to do alternative cancer treatments such as acupuncture and exercise plus having a healthy diet. So far until now, no attacks and I am feeling much better than before.