March 06, 2012

End of the first round of Vorinostat

Today was my second PET scan in two days and the end of this first round of Vorinostat. Rik woke me at 6:30, I rolled into the shower, dressed and went off to SCCA. The FDG PET scan is done fasting, so I didn't have so much as a cup of weak tea before getting scanned.

Afterwards I went to the Portage Bay Cafe at the South Lake Union location. (Normally we eat at the original restaurant on Roosevelt.) This site has an even better breakfast toppings bar! In addition to real maple syrup, brown sugar, sliced almonds, dried currants and what must be the largest bowl of whipped cream on the planet, the fruit here is fresh, not frozen as on Roosevelt. I chose from among piles of fresh raspberries, marion berries, blueberries and strawberries to top my buckwheat pancake, which was the size of a dinner plate. With a mug of coffee (topped with whipped cream, of course), I refueled for the day.

Yesterday's FES PET scan went well also. It's much less stressful when I don't have to fast. But it was scheduled for the end of the day, and so by the time I finished at 6 PM, I was in no frame of mind to cook. Rik ordered a pizza, we drank the remnant of a bottle of red wine, and I crashed on the sofa for the evening.

Tonight I begin the six weeks of Femara!


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  2. Yes agree your blog is fascinating.

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