February 26, 2012

Quick clinical trial update

I took the seventh dose of Vorinostat yesterday, and by late afternoon developed the first side effect of nausea and diarrhea. I took some anti nausea meds and ate dry crackers with ginger ale, which seemed to help, then took more lorazepam to sleep.

This morning's dose gave me nausea almost immediately. Since the drug is taken within 30 minutes of eating, I'm a little worried that vomiting might be next. I just took some ondonsetran (a more powerful anti-neusea med) and am headed for the couch to lie down.


  1. The couch can be a cancer girl's best friend sometimes. I spent my chemo on the couch.

  2. Just before I began chemo treatments, I bought the most comfortable couch I could find just to crawl into....
    Have you tried ginger tea for nausea? We were having dinner at a Thai restaraunt one day, the lady who owned the place saw my head wrapped with a scarf. I was not eating but drinking. She made me a special cup of fresh ginger tea with honey. It really does work.... All she said grate the ginger add water simmer, strain and drink warm.....Feel better.....

    Alli XX