February 22, 2012

The latest

While our iMac is in the shop for repair, friends G and D graciously loaned us a computer at least in part so that I'd be able to post to my blog. Here's what's been happening:

The iMac had a new video card installed in November after a random lightning strike hit our neighborhood, destroying our DSL modem in the process. The mac Store confirms that the video card they installed was faulty and they are replacing it. We squeezed in just barely before the end of the 90 day warranty period.

Friends who were celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary with a Jewish ceremony under the chuppah asked me to sing the seven blessings. Rabbi Borodin had already once asked me to learn this music, so I worked hard, and with coaching from the rabbi and my choir's director, learned everything. The wedding was last weekend and it appears I did a good job (minus a few clinkers)! Many people complimented me, but the best came from the groom. He stood under the chuppah with his eyes closed, and later told me it was to better appreciate my singing. This man is a trained singer and a compliment from someone with his level of musicality is especially meaningful to me. At the dinner afterwards the couple had asked several people to lead songs from their favorite Broadway shows. They asked me to lead "Matchmaker, Matchmaker" from Fiddler On The Roof. I confess that I didn't prepare for this other than to sing the song a couple of times, but I think everyone enjoyed singing along and the accompanist played in a good key for my voice. All in all, my soprano got a nice workout and my ego some lovely compliments. I feel like a singer now!

Rik has been off school for midwinter break and we have taken long walks with the dog every day. We went out with friends for a delicious lunch at Stopsky's Delicatessen on Mercer Island (chicken soup with kreplach, half a pastrami sandwich on rye with VERY spicy meat, half-sour pickles and a housemade cel-ray tonic). We also took our neighbors to dinner at El Camino, a Mexican restaurant in Fremont (house margaritas, some truly terrific mole sauce, fried plantain chips with guacamole and shared pecan tart). Our neighbor team teaches at the same school with Rik and has given Rik a ride many times this year.

Maybe we will get to see a movie, play some Scrabble, and/or read some good books, all favorite 'staycation" activities.

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