February 27, 2012

Feeling better

I was on the sofa for five hours yesterday. Between the nausea from the Vorinostat and the drowsiness from the anti-nausea med ondonsetron, I couldn't move. That eventually passed and at 4 PM I got up to prepare to usher for the touring production of Beauty And The Beast.

Now, I've seen many Broadway shows during my life, and I understand how learning the songs in advance increases anticipation to actually see the show. But this show is terrible! Truly, truly terrible -- maybe the worst thing I have ever seen on stage, and that says something, especially for a touring Broadway production. The story line is contrived, the additional songs from the animated film aren't so good, and even the sets don't quite live up to one's imagination after having seen the cartoon.  The costumes were lovely, and of course the actors gave it their all in their performances (the second one of the day).

But still -- in my opinion, it was terrible. I felt bad for anyone who paid actual money to see this.

On the flip side, I did feel well enough to go to the theatre. And this morning I got the word that I can change the time of day I take the Vorinostat. Starting today I will take the vorinistat at night before going to sleep. Even though this means eating another small meal (maybe PB&J on crackers?), if it gives me nausea, at least when the anti-nausea med kicks in, I can just get into bed and go to sleep.

I think this may be the best way to go. And at any rate, I only have to take the Vorinostat through Saturday.

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  1. Anonymous5:07 PM

    you are an amazing trooper...still show up for your commitments....that says a lot about a person who is dealing with cancer treatment...you inspire me so....so much....that i'm going to bed now...because i'm still nauseous from the abraxene!...xoxoxobb