February 12, 2012

Checking in

Just wanted to check in. All is okay here.

Thursday's support group discussion was primarily taken up with conversation about losing Stephanie. I saw Michael in the hallway after both groups broke up (the patients' and the caregivers' groups meet at the same time). We hugged, cried and talked briefly.

I was a bit (understatement) stressed over finishing a grant last week. Our computer crashed 5 times in 15 minutes while I was trying to type, so I gave up and did the work at synagogue. Using a Windows PC, I might add, which was kind of tough on my brain after so many years on a Mac. I had a meeting later that same night. I did finish the grant on Friday, and it was submitted before the 3 PM deadline.

We had a lovely Shabbat dinner with friends, where my chocolate snowball cake was a big hit. (Imagine a flour less chocolate cake, shaped like a dome, and covered in whipped cream.) I went to synagogue on Saturday morning as usual. In the afternoon and evening I devoured the last 400 pages of Stephen King's new novel, 11/22/63, which I recommend strongly to anyone who likes King's fiction, or who likes science fiction/fantasy, or who grew up in the 50s, or who is keen on the theories behind President Kennedy's assassination. (Yes, that 11/22/63.) This may be one of the best novels I've read, certainly one of King's best -- for me it falls second only to The Stand, which I loved so much I've read it several times over the years.

This morning we went for a very long walk with Bobka, and I am pleased that I could do the whole two miles. Soon I am off to a singing lesson and tonight we plan to attend a sheloshim minyan marking the 30th day since a friend lost a parent.

And I should mark here that last Friday was Bobka the dogka's seventh birthday. Hippo birdie two ewes to him (say it out loud), although I am sure he'd prefer a doggie biscuit. Rik and I are lucky to have such a great animal friend in our lives.


  1. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Happy Birthday, Bobka!!

  2. I picked up the Stephen King book while we were in Hawaii and my Mother was horrified. That thing weighs far too much to take home, she said. And yes I had bought half the goods from Macys and various other shops in Hawaii because everything is so much cheaper than here in Australia and I had not bought any new clothes in a year saving up for this trip, so I sadly put it back.

    Good choice because when we finally got to the airport, my luggage weighed 80kg. So did my Mothers. Lucky we all had 60kg each and there were four of us or else we'd have been leaving awesome stuff behind..

    Anyway when I got home the other half hooked me up with it on my e-book reader via Kindle which I have to say was a lot less heavy to hold while reading than the book would have been.

    I loved the concept of the book and I don't know about you but in my daydreams I go back and change the past all the time, so I was excited to see how King would deal with it. It certainly was not like my daydreams where changing the past makes the future super awesome, which saddened me somewhat but I also thought was fairly realistic, because of course things never turn out as we would hope.

    The Stand is my favourite closely followed by The Cell which was sort of like an updated version of The Stand. But I loved pretty much all the books except Geralds Game which was just too unpleasant for me.

    Found your blog via Debby btw, thought I'd say hi. :)