January 05, 2011

Stressed is desserts spelled backwards

I guess I must feel more stressed than I realized, because last night I wanted comfort food and the pasta puttanesca with green salad, the glass of malbec and the piece of dark chocolate didn't quite cut it. 

From the freezer I retrieved the last container of Graeter's mocha chocolate chip ice cream, sent from my family a while ago, and chowed down on about half of the pint. I couldn't stop eating it -- the chocolate was so good, the ice cream so creamy. Even after I felt full I couldn't stop eating. Finally I realized that I wasn't even enjoying the taste any more but was eating it because it was in front of me. So I put the half-empty carton back in the freezer and cuddled with Rik.

Did you know "stressed" is the word desserts, spelled backwards?

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