January 10, 2011

Navelbine #1

We got up extra early today in order to be at the Swedish Cancer Institute by 8:30 AM. The car was frosted over but thankfully the doors hadn't frozen shut overnight. A few snowflakes fluttered around but nothing stuck.

Things went very smoothly. Charge nurse Linda handed me my lab orders not five minutes after we arrived. There was no waiting at the lab. It took only 30 minutes or so to get my results and then I was sitting in the chemo chair, getting hooked up to some saline.

Dt G had not written orders for an anti-emetic (anti-nausea) drug to be given with the Navelbine. The chemo nurse wanted to confirm this was correct, so we waited a few minutes for his answer. Of course, I have plenty of medication at home if I get a queasy tummy at any point.

After getting saline for 30 minutes, the nurse sat with me for the six minute Navelbine "push" -- injecting the chemo straight into the IV line by hand, instead of infusing it with saline over a longer period of time. I got 30 more minutes of saline and we were done -- just in time to want a second breakfast at Eltana's.

In by 8:30 AM; out by 10:45 -- now that's the kind of efficiency I like!

We came home and had a cup of tea, then I took a four hour nap. Well, I don't particularly feel as though I slept heavily, but I sure was comfortable wrapped in a blanket and with the dog on my feet, so I didn't want to move.

I've been warned to expect some constipation as a side effect of the Navelbine, and to report to Dr G any numbness or tingling in my fingers or toes (the beginnings of peripheral neuropathy). I did not have this common side effect with Abraxane, so perhaps it will pass me by again. And there is plenty of prune juice, senna and Smooth Move tea in our kitchen!

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