January 25, 2011

The latest

I just realized I haven't posted in a few days. I've been well, just busy. Here's the skinny:

On Friday I woke up with some back pain, so didn't go to yoga. We enjoyed a great Shabbat dinner with friends. I went to bed with a slightly queasy tummy, perhaps related to the second dose of Navelbine.

By Saturday my back was much better so I went to shul. I felt a bit faint in the morning but fresh air helped. After a two-hour afternoon nap, we got a last minute dinner invitation from friends. Even though I wasn't hungry, it sure beat cooking! And I have to eat, to keep my weight stable while on chemo, especially if I have little appetite.

Friends joined us for Sunday brunch (Eltana bagels, lox and cream cheese; artichoke-mushroom-cheese strata; coffee and OJ and delicious fruit tarts from a small bakery in Bellevue). We shmoozed our way into the afternoon, and then I pooped out.

I was late to my Monday morning meeting. Still feeling tired, I also had my blood drawn in preparation for today's appointment with Dr G.

Today it was even harder to get started. My usual 30 minute walk with the dog took 40 minutes and I was out of breath going up hill. When I saw Dr G, he told me that the Navelbine's effectiveness is unclear: my tumor markers had continued to rise. But still, it's much too soon to make any treatment changes. I will continue onto the second cycle of Navelbine, with two doses one week apart and then a week off. Then I'll have another blood test to check my tumor markers and we will re-evaluate.

In the meanwhile, I am slightly anemic. That would explain my fatigue and shortness of breath. It's either from the Navelbine or from the Neulasta shot I had last week. I plan to increase my consumption of iron-rich foods such as spinach, red meat, dried fruit, etc. I also see the naturopath next week and he may have other recommendations.

I am still hoping for this treatment to be highly effective, well-tolerated and with minimal side effects.

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  1. There sure will be ups and downs in the coming days but I am amazed at the gallant fearless and brave front that you have put up to fight the disease.Since it is a psychosomatic disease there is a need to fight it with the head...hope and pray better and healthier days to your life.