January 16, 2011

Navelbine + 1 week

It's been a week since my first dose of Navelbine and so far, excellent. I had only one side effect for a couple of day (constipation) and prune juice took care of that nicely.

However, I came down with a cold on Tuesday, and by Thursday it was at its worst. I spent much of that day napping, making chicken soup, and then eating the soup. Feeling better on Friday, I went to yoga, and then felt fatigued again. (More soup.) I went to shul on Saturday, relaxed for the rest of the day, but didn't sleep well. (Soup again.)

Our No-Knead Bread
This morning I was so pooped from walking the dog that I desperately needed a nap. After an hour's sleep, I felt refreshed and energetic enough to visit with a friend, make some no-knead bread, and post to my blog.

I'm assuming that my fatigue has been related to the cold, as well as the runny nose and coughing. Tomorrow's lab work will let me know if my counts are low; that could also contribute to feeling fatigued. The real reason I think this is the cold and not the chemo is that Rik has been sick also, with the same symptoms. Hopefully we are both well on the road to recovery!

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  1. I think prunes work very well for constipation.Intake of vegetables on a daily basis also helps.