March 12, 2010


I have been taking a yoga class at Gilda's Club Seattle every Friday for the past five or six years. Taught by Stacy Lawson of Seattle's Red Square Yoga, the class is geared to people with limited mobility, those who are recovering from cancer treatment or surgery, and their caregivers. Yoga keeps me flexible to the limited degree the rods in my femurs permit.

The three regulars in this class were all there before me and I love seeing them every week: P, who had half her brain removed due to a tumor and still paints and draws; R, who's in her 70's and giggles with me like a teenager; and J, who is one of the most flexible people I've ever met, health issues notwithstanding.

And then there's instructor Stacy, who mixes laughter and asanas with complete abandon and who never objects to comments from her "peanut gallery."

It's Friday and I am off to yoga -- namaste!

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  1. Ooooh. I want to take Yoga. Really.