March 26, 2010

Passover prep

Although I am still feeling overwhelmed by all the medical information I got on Monday, I am also in the thick of preparing for Passover. Since we aren't hosting a seder this year, I have decided not to change over all dishes, pots, pans, flatware, etc. I am, however, doing the cleaning.

The kosher rules for Pesach are far more strict than for everyday. In an ordinary situation, a drop of milk that spilled into a meat dish would not render it inedible because the rule is 1 part in 60 is okay. But for Passover that goes away and everything has to be 100% free of chametz (leavening). This is only the second time in more than fifteen years that I have not changed over everything for Pesach.

I cleaned the fridge on Wednesday, the oven today. The house cleaners were here yesterday. All that's left is to remove the chametz from the cupboard (pasta, crackers, cereal, etc.) and start the cooking!

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