March 04, 2010

Lymphedema update

At this week's PT visit the edema in my hand and wrist had decreased considerably, but I was still frustrated with being in a sleeve/glove or bandaged about 22 hours a day (except when in the shower and getting dressed in the morning). The physical therapist suggested I try leaving my arm and hand free from when I wake up in the morning until about 11 AM. I have done so for the past few days with seemingly good results.

It's been wonderful to have a few hours in the morning without either the sleeve/glove combo or bandaging. I can leisurely shower, dress, eat breakfast, walk dogs, check email, even run an errand. I had forgotten what it was like to have the full use of both hands without compression of some kind.

It was with regret that I pulled on my sleeve and glove just now. But the therapist says that in a week or so we may have reduced the edema so much that I can go back to my original habit of wearing the sleeve only during the day and nothing at night. I will be glad to sleep without compression or medication as a sleep aid!

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