March 25, 2010

Lifestyle food change

I appear to have lost a smidge more than two pounds so far on the low carb/sugar lifestyle change and it's only been a few days. This is what I am eating:
microwave scrambled egg and soy "sausage"

yogurt with defrosted frozen berries, applesauce and half a banana

mushroom omelet

hamburger patty (only a few bites of the bun) and green salad

tortilla soup (homemade chicken broth with shredded chicken breast, spinach, carrots, salsa, avocado, and a handful of chips. I asked Rik to bring the rest of the chips to school so I wouldn't be tempted.)

leftover cooked chicken salad made with guacamole instead of mayo and two whole wheat crackers

broiled halibut, sauteed zucchini, red and yellow pepper strips

I find I have to cook more and shop more, but since I enjoy these activities it is not a burden (so far).

I have not even had any chocolate since Monday but have given myself permission to have sweets on Friday night at Shabbat dinner and on special occasions.

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