March 16, 2010

Another PT visit

Yesterday's physical therapy showed no real change but also no worsening in my hand or arm. I had been worried that going without a glove would make my arm balloon up, but that does not seem to be the case. So I will continue to wear the glove during the day (with a pad inserted on the back of the hand for extra compression) and wrap at night.

The PT asked me to identify what frustrates me about the glove and bandaging, and since I didn't sleep well last night, I came up with this list:

• damp, dirty-feeling palm all the time
• bulk of bandaging against my palm and around my hand
• lack of gross motor control (I have fine motor control in my fingertips when bandaged but can't grip anything)
• inability to relax my hand
• dependence on anti-anxiety meds to take the egde off when things get too frustrating AND for a sleep aid every night
• cranky mood
• not enough restful sleep

And of course giving up left-handedness while that hand is bandaged: eating, writing typing, personal care, ALL WITH MY RIGHT HAND.

Try eating with chopsticks in your non-dominant hand some time, the way I did on Sunday night, and you'll experience at least some of what I'm talking about.

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