September 20, 2009

What we ate to ring in the new year

As many of you know, Jews always have special foods at our holidays and celebrations. One of my favorite and funniest stories to explain so many Jewish holidays goes like this: They tried to kill us. God saved us. Let's eat.

So here's what we ate on Friday night to celebrate the new year of 5770. You'll notice the sweet taste of many of these foods.
Wine and grape juice
Round challah with raisins
Apples dipped in honey
Gefilte fish
Chopped (chicken) liver
Fresh tomatoes from K's garden
Chicken Marbella (prepared with dried prunes and olives)
Farro with apples and onions
Sauteed zucchini with pine nuts
Apple cake
Tea with honey
I imagine many Jewish cooks prepared Chicken Marbella this year in memory of Sheila Lukins, the co-author of The Silver Palate Cookbook who died recently.

The travados recipe was given to me by a Sephardic friend and I make them every year.

It was a wonderful evening filled with good friends, much laughter, and too much food.


  1. sounds delicious- I would love to try a lot more Jewish food.
    The whole list sounds delightful

  2. Travados sound very good....