September 25, 2009

20 hours wrapped -- limited improvement

I finally decided to spend an ultimate 20-22 hours bandaged to treat my lymphedema. When I do this I basically have to face a day/night with nothing to do since I can't type, cook, write, or even feed myself well while wrapped from my fingertips to my shoulder. Hell, I can't even bend my elbow!

Yesterday seemed the perfect day -- lunch with a friend, a visit with another friend, no meetings until the evening. Unfortunately by 10 PM I was completely frustrated with my inability to do ANYTHING, came home cranky from my evening meeting and took it out on Rik. Even taking a full mg of ativan didn't help me sleep. So now I am sleep-deprived, had to wake up early to go to the physical therapist, and don't even have much improvement to show for it. And since I gave up doing anything productive yesterday, today I have to catch up on the errands, ironing, etc. that I couldn't do while bandaged.

I hope the PT will have some good suggestions, or at least will be able to start treating me after taking measurements and have some availability for future appointments soon. I don't think I can give up too many more days of living my life in order to bandage, and I certainly don't want to have to wait more weeks to get additional PT appointments.

Lymphedema sucks.


  1. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Talk to your therapist about the compression garments such as Caresia and Tribute. I love them!!! No more pesky wrapping!!! They are made by a company called Solaris.

  2. This was a cranky week for me as well, and I always feel even worse when I get cranky at others. I think it shows on my blog when I am cranky, and I refer to them as bitchin' posts.

  3. Anonymous12:45 PM

    I also LOVE my tribute because I no longer have to wrap myself everynight, I just slide it on and read, watch tv, sleep, whatever. Its really nice and easy to use, it saves me at least an hour a day that I would usually spend wrapping.