September 04, 2009

Cooking up a storm

I volunteered to cook for the synagogue's kiddush lunch this week and spent much of today making a truly delicious meal --

Four kinds of sushi (raw ahi tuna, albacore tuna, smoked salmon with cream cheese and tofu with vegetables)
Homemade pickled ginger
Teriyaki salmon
Sesame cold noodles
Asian ramen slaw

And the usual bagels, cream cheese, lox, hummus, herring. Brownies for dessert.

One of the local caterers evidently says that at Beth Shalom we eat more than at other synagogues. Based on the quantities of food made last night and today, I totally agree!


  1. but isn't it nice to be able to enjoy good food or any food. We must count our blessings. x

  2. sounds lovely- I love the sound of that sushi