September 16, 2009

Public losses to cancer

In recent weeks both Senator Ted Kennedy and Patrick Swayze died of complications related to their cancers. Swayze's death hit me harder. He was only 57. (I should live so long!) He was a dancer first and foremost. My self-image is that of a dancer, although clearly not of the same caliber.

This video came through my Facebook account and in it one can see the qualities that brought Swayze such acclaim. When he partners his wife, he is completely focused on her. In his solo, he appears to push himself harder. But when he returns to his partner, it's all about her again. The choreography isn't the most exciting, but his dancing is riveting.

I saw in an interview that Swayze wanted to be Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, and other famous dancers all rolled up into one person. He certainly came closest to that goal of any other 21st century male dancer that I can think of.

If there is a heaven, Patrick Swaze will be dancing.


  1. I am sure there is a heaven, and that he will be !

  2. I have a friend from my early teens who was in "The Outsiders" with Mr. Swayze. His facebook page is full of condolences. Mr. Swayze was well liked and loved by his coworkers. He fought a hard fight. Rest in Peace, Patrick.