September 22, 2009

Improvement in the hand?

I thought there was some improvement in my left hand. Spending a quiet day was supposed to help. Well, I went without the glove until 2 PM yesterday, but things still got puffy in the late afternoon. Then instead of just giving up and wrapping my arm, I put on the glove for a few hours.

I had to take a full 1 mg ativan tablet last night in order to sleep. I worry that I am temporarily hooked on ativan since I have been taking it as a sleep aid for several weeks now. Once the manual lymphatic drainage works and my arm gets back to normal, I am sure I will have rebound insomnia to deal with.

I guess I should take comfort in the fact the my hand was enough better that I could go without the glove for a few hours, but it's still very frustrating! This has been going on since September 4th and I am more than a little tired of it.

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