February 18, 2009

Still bandaged

The week of bandaging didn't help enough. Yesterday my physical therapist gave me a new gizmo to try, but unfortunately when I woke up this morning, my hand and wrist were even more swollen after trying the new thing. So now I am back to the old standby of bandaging with chip bags.

I was so frustrated by this yesterday that I came close to a minor meltdown. Instead of crying, I took a nap at 3 PM, woke up at 6:15, got into bed and slept until 8 PM. I got up to pee, visited with Rik and the dogs, eat a bite, and went back to bed by 10. This is my favorite method of coping when I can't cope. I just sleep through the bad times.

Today I had a volunteer project that absolutely had to get done, so my left arm has been au naturel all morning. It's now noon and I am giving up on accomplishing anything else, going to bandage again and hoping that tomorrow is another day.

Oy, am I tired of this!

1 comment:

  1. Jill, I pray that you will find the solution to your current 'flare up'
    I know the frustration of finding that some things simply do not work for us.
    Sending healing thoughts and prayers to you