February 25, 2009

Back to the tried and true

It turns out that, after careful comparison with measurements taken in January, early February and yesterday, my arm circumference has decreased overall, especially from the elbow to the shoulder. The therapist also recommended that I go back to wearing my sleeve and glove during the day until I am too uncomfortable to put up with it any more, then transfer to the bandaging. Evidently I showed the most improvement when doing this and receiving manual lymphatic drainage massage twice a week.

This should permit me to do the small things that I have been avoiding when bandaged -- typing, cooking, household chores, even driving. I basically do nothing except sit around when bandaged.

The pumping action that comes from using the affected arm and hand while wearing compression garments and the bandaging are supposed to encourage the edema to release into a more normal flow. Unfortunately for me, since I am so left-handed and since my lymphedema is in the left arm and hand, my fine motor skills are severely impacted when bandaged. Hence I am not getting the full benefit of the wrapping.

So I spent yesterday, today, tomorrow and Friday wearing the sleeve/glove during the day and wrapping at night. Maybe by Friday, when I see the therapist again, there will be another measurable decrease.

It's been 70 days - ten weeks - since the onset of this flare up.

On to the ironing!

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  1. I feel for you ... I don't have lymphedema but a good friend of mine does.