February 06, 2009

My kind of holiday

I just learned that the first Saturday in February is Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. Of course this reminded me of Mollie Moon's ice-cream-and-oatmeal Sunday breakfasts, which I blogged about a few months ago.

According to the founders' friend:

A long time ago a nice Jewish couple from New York decided that the best way to perk up the winter doldrums was to invent a new holiday and eat ice cream for breakfast to celebrate it. Their children passed this tradition along to their friends and families and voila! Ice Cream for Breakfast Day!
There is no right or wrong so long as you follow the 3 plus 1 simple Ice Cream for Breakfast Day Rules --

(1) Eat ice cream
(2) for breakfast
(3) on the first Saturday in February AND

(4) spread the word
My friends A & M came across this lovely festival while abroad last year. Their Israeli hosts said the only thing they had to do was agree to host an Ice Cream for Breakfast Day party next year. So this morning we enjoyed four kinds of ice cream with toppings, fresh hot coffee and lost of good conversation.

I heartily recommend you add this holiday to your calendar!


  1. But, Jill... today is Friday! You'll have to eat ice cream again tomorrow... :-)

  2. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Dana eats ice cream for breakfast on the first day of school every year

  3. Sounds good to me!

    I remembered it was almost Tu B'Shevat so Friday when I was was at the market I got all kinds of fruits--various citrus, dried fruits, & a giant star fruit! This holiday reminds me it's almost spring *somewhere* if not here. :)