February 23, 2009

Academy Award dinner

Last night we watched the Academy Awards with friends and I cooked a Slumdog Millionaire Indian-themed dinner to go with.

To nosh on while watching the red carpet walk, almonds toasted with salt, cumin, cayenne pepper and a little sugar and popcorn sprinkled with the same combo.

For dinner in front of the TV, dal (lentils) with vegetables, potatoes smothered with garam masala, oven-roasted chicken thighs spiced with more garam masala, garlic, cayenne and hoisin sauce (in lieu of tamarind paste) and date chutney, served with beer and sparkling pomegranate juice.

For dessert while awaiting the best actor/actress/picture awards, rice pudding made with cardamom and coconut milk, served alongside hot chai flavored with cardamom and fennel.

Most of these recipes came from Vij's Indian Cuisine, a wonderful cookbook from a fabulous Indian restaurant in Vancouver BC.

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