July 03, 2008

Scan results - a mixed bag

I got my PET/CT scan results today. The 4 mm lung lesion had a very low uptake value, so for now my oncologist is keeping me on tamoxifen. He's looking into a combined therapy of two anti-estrogens to see if that would be more effective. We will re-scan in 6 weeks. I see the pulmonologist on Monday and he will weigh in on the situation.

(Temporary) reprieve!

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  1. Anonymous9:38 PM

    A list of 90 newemerging cancer meds appears in

    Did your oncologist mention which anti-estrogens he's looking into?
    Whatever the meds, are one or both "prodrug(s)", requiring metabolic conversion(s) for therapeutic effect (i.e., as does Tamoxifen, with excellent protection for normal "extensive metabolizers", but almost zero protection for 8% of patients who test as "poor metabolizers)? I wish you very good luck.