July 01, 2008

PET/CT scan

Today I had another PET/CT scan to look at the 4 mm lung lesion and see if it behaves like cancer. I get the results on Thursday and will see my oncologist. If this lesion behaves like cancer, then possibly he will recommend a change in treatment. I don't know whether that will be chemo or another anti-estrogenic drug. The slippery slope may be starting to slide under me....

Because the PET/CT is done fasting, after we finished Rik and I went out to breakfast for me (lunch for him) at Cafe Presse. What a meal we had! Fresh baguette with butter and barely cooked strawberries with coffee to take the edge off my hunger, followed by omelette aux champignons (mushrooms) for me and steak frites for Rik. Truly excellent Belgian-style fries, I could barely resist eating most of his portion. Then I had to wind up with pain aux chocolate, which at this restaurant is more of that fresh baguette with melted chocolate spread over it. Delicieux!

Why the carb fest? I wasn't allowed to eat any carbohydrates, caffeine or alcohol for 24 hours before the PET/CT scan, because they both interfere with dye uptake, and we want an accurate measure of what might be active cancer. So yesterday I ate a high fat/high protein diet: salade nicoise for lunch (lettuce, tuna, hard-boiled eggs, carrots, olives) and hamburger (without bun) and sauteed peppers and onions.

No wonder I missed my carbohydrates!

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