January 27, 2008

Recording with Dunava

Dunava spent yesterday in the home recording studio of a friend, This was our second time recording and it was a better experience than the first session. We knew what to expect, we had prepared the right amount of material. Still, when we listened to each raw take it was clear that what we hear when we sing is not necessarily what is being recorded. We might think something was great but it might not sound as good as we thought it had.

On the other hand, by the time the recording engineer had done some mixing, we listened to the mixed files and were very impressed that is was actually us singing. So I am note sure what to expect but will keep you posted!

At any rate I was completely exhausted from spending four hours standing on my feet, concentrating hard, trying to sing every note perfectly, even breathing. One woman almost passed out by almost hyperventilating in her urge to sing a particularly high part well and not taking enough breaths.

We have 2 more recording session planned in February and March, will keep you posted on the results!

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  1. Anonymous3:48 AM

    Recording is SO hard!

    I've been the pianist on all of Bonia's recording sessions at HUC--the latest was last fall (he's 85; probably the last CD we'll make).

    It's hard for everything to be perfect. We have excellent CCM singers & instrumentalists, and everyone does their best but still in playback there are surprises. The engineer can clean up a lot, however!

    Good luck to your group! That's so cool that you're doing this.